List of Sub-processors

Last updated: August 16th, 2023

Below is a list of sub-processors we work with. We might use them to process your personal information when you are using Quinncia.

Google LLCCloud Infrastructure hostingUSA
Google LLCCloud StorageUSA, Canada, UK
MongoDB, IncCloud solution for data storageUSA, Canada, UK IncUser AnalyticsUSA
TextKernel LLC (Sovren)User AnalyticsUSA
Twilio IncEmail CommunicationUSA
Help Scout PBCCustomer Support and communicationsUSA
HubSpot IncCRM ProvideUSA
Mailgun TechnologiesEmail marketingUSA
Slack Technologies LLCInternal CommunicationUSA
Intuit IncPayment ProcessingUSA
Stripe IncPayment ProcessingUSA IncProject ManagementUSA
Google LLCAnalytics and Business OperationsUSA IncProject ManagementUSA
AffectLayer IncBusiness AnalyticsUSA