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Getting the first job from college can be the hardest

Did you know that if you are underemployed in your first job, you are likely to stay underemployed for the next 10 years? Statistics show that if you practice interviewing you are 4X more likely to get the job.

The Quinncia Story

As a graduate student who had strategically chosen a rigorous education path, Quinncia CEO Himal Ahuja found himself with impressive degrees and no job. His search was painful and he could not figure out why he was not getting interviews. It was not until he was in his career and hiring college graduates that Himal realized what had happened to him. He did not have a comprehensive resume that explained who he was. He did not learn nor practice the art of interviewing. He realized that colleges and universities were developing expert career and professional development teams, but these departments needed more.

Himal devised a way to harness AI and create an online platform that not only supports students, but optimizes career counselor workflows.

Quinn is an intelligent being...a robust AI solution designed to increase and enhance student engagement with career services, ultimately helping to increase student outcomes.

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