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Quinncia uses AI to enhance student engagement and embeds career readiness in both, the classroom and student life, with an ultimate goal of elevating academic programs and student outcomes.

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    Interview Analysis

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    How it Works


    Helping career centers and academic programs to elevate student outcomes.


    Assisting students to enhance communications skills and employment opportunities.


    Advancing employers' recruitment strategies to engage better prepared graduates.

    What Our Partners Say About Us

    Quinncia is changing the way universities prepare students and alumni for interviews with its ability to produce immediate feedback on resumes all while utilizing AI to create catered and industry specific interview questions. The platform is perfect for all students, regardless of career readiness stage or major, making it an exceptional career resource.

    Jin Kim, M.S.

    Career Readiness CoachUniversity of Tampa
    Jin Kim, M.S. avatar

    When I first began investigating resume coaching platforms, I was pretty sure I would never find one that my institution could afford. Like everyone else, we’ve been feeling the crunch of shrinking budgets and extra strains on our funding. But when I contacted Quinncia, I was surprised to learn how affordable they WERE. I was blown away by how eager they were to talk to me about what COULD be done with the budget I had, which is a lot! They were flexible, approachable, patient, and extremely helpful. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

    James Knight

    DirectorMars Hill University
    James Knight avatar

    I am so pleased with how the students are using the platform. Encouraging them to go in and look at all errors/suggestions and to correct them to get a higher score has been an amazing difference in the quality of the resume they post for me at the end of the class for review.

    Celia Lofink

    Undergraduate Program DirectorUniversity of Hartford - Celia's class
    Celia Lofink avatar

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